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Pediatric Type 1 Diabetes & Daily Management

Rose Gubitosi-Klug, MD, PhD discusses pediatric type 1 diabetes and the evolution of standard care and daily management.

A Promising Pancreatic Cancer Discovery

Jordan Winter, MD discusses a new target to treat pancreatic cancer.

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From MMA Fighter to Radiation Oncologist: Combating Prostate Cancer

Daniel Spratt, MD discusses the obstacles of prostate cancer and shares breakthroughs and achievements.

COVID-19 Spurs Innovation at University Hospitals in Cleveland, Ohio

Positive, even life-saving, results will long outlive the novel coronavirus - UH Innovations COVID-19 Special Issue | Summer 2020

Controversies In Cardiology

Harrington Heart & Vascular Institute Innovactions – Winter 2017 – View Full PDF Daniel Simon, MD: It is my privilege to welcome Dr. Joseph Sabik to our Controversies in Cardiology series. Joe is one of the nation’s leading heart surgeons and has...

Controversies in Cardiology: Anti-Thrombotic Therapy in PAD

Do we need more than aspirin? Daniel I. Simon, MD Sahil Parikh, MD Harrington Heart & Vascular Institute Innovations - Summer 2016 Dr. Dan Simon: President, UH Case Medical Center, Herman K. Hellerstein Chair in Cardiovascular Research, UH...

Controversies in Cardiology: Blood Pressure Targets in Hypertension

Harrington Heart & Vascular Institute Innovations - Winter 2016 Daniel I. Simon, MD Jackson T. Wright JR., MD, PHD DANIEL SIMON, MD: I would like to welcome Jackson T. Wright Jr., MD, PhD, Director, Clinical Hypertension Program, and Director,...

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