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Herbert Newton, MD UH Seidman

Leader of the Band: Bass-playing Neuro-oncologist Leads Brain Tumor Center

UH Clinical Update - March 2023

Sickle cell disease illustration

UH Rainbow Opens Gene-Editing Trial for Sickle Cell Disease

UH Clinical Update | Fall 2023

Pancreatic Cancer illustration

UH Seidman Cancer Center Researchers Participate in trial of Newly FDA Approved Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer Drug in Rare Form of Advanced Pancreatic Cancer

Innovations in Cancer | Winter 2023

Liver cancer illustration

New Treatment Option Emerges for Rare Form of Liver Bile Duct Cancer

Discovery published in the New England Journal of Medicine and includes University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center researchers - Innovations in Cancer | Winter 2023

Cardiovascular novel markers

University Hospitals Awarded for Exceptional Cardiovascular Care of Patients Undergoing Cancer Treatment

International Cardio-Oncology Society grants highest designation

Neck cancer illustration

University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center Launches Biotech Collaboration to Discover Cellular Immunotherapies for Head and Neck Cancer

Innovations in Ear, Nose & Throat | Winter 2023

UH Seidman Cancer Center Welcomes 29 New Physicians to our Team

Innovations in Cancer | Winter 2023

Eric Chen, MD UH Resident

Hospital-Provided Rideshare at UH Seidman Cancer Center Boosts Radiation Therapy Completion Rates for Vulnerable Patients, Study Shows

UH Clinical Update | January 2023

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