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CAR T illustration

Novel Strategy to Improve CAR T-cell Efficacy in Non-Hodgkin Lymphoma Revealed in Preclinical Studies

University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center researchers part of team finding blocking a single receptor may combat T cell dysfunction associated with poor response to therapy - Innovations in Cancer | Summer 2022

Should Your Patient Be Screened for Lung Cancer?

Criteria for those eligible have expanded - UH Clinical Update | June 2022

Laryngectomy illustration

University Hospitals Ear, Nose & Throat Institute Celebrates World Voice Day

Innovations in Ear, Nose & Throat | June 2022

Infusion Center

New Study Reports Neurotoxic Side Effects Are Less with the Use of Immunotherapy Compared To Chemotherapy

UH Seidman Update | June 2022


Existing Cancer Therapy in Narrow Use Shows Significant Activity against Other Cancers

University Hospitals and Case Western Reserve University Research team publishes new findings in Nature Cancer - Innovations in Cancer | Summer 2022

University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center at ASCO 2022

Innovations in Cancer | Summer 2022

UH Seidman Team First to Validate PREDICT Survival Prognostication Tool in American Women with Breast Cancer

Online tool can help facilitate complex treatment decision-making in women with early-stage disease - Innovations in Cancer 2022

Koen van Besien, MD, PhD

New Hematology Chief and Director of the Wesley Center for Immunotherapy Named for UH Seidman Cancer Center

Koen van Besien, MD, PhD, comes to UH Seidman Cancer Center from New York-Presbyterian Hospital

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