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New UH Seidman Radiation Oncologist Leads Team Developing Genomic Signatures to Aid in Breast Cancer Decision-Making

Clinical utility studies of new signatures beginning across the U.S. this fall - innovations in Cancer | Fall 2022

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UH Seidman Cancer Center at ASTRO

Innovations in Cancer | Fall 2022

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Medicaid Expansion Linked to Earlier Detection of Liver Cancer, Fewer Deaths, UH Study Finds

UH Clinical Update | November 2022

UH Wesley Center Lab

Expansion of Wesley Center for Immunotherapy at University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center Officially Opens

Addition brings more life-extending treatments and groundbreaking research to Northeast Ohio

A Promising Pancreatic Cancer Discovery

Jordan Winter, MD discusses a new target to treat pancreatic cancer.

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UH Seidman Researchers Slash Time Needed to Produce CAR T-Cells

Quicker process will get needed therapy to cancer patients who don’t have time to wait - Innovations in Cancer | Fall 2022

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From MMA Fighter to Radiation Oncologist: Combating Prostate Cancer

Daniel Spratt, MD discusses the obstacles of prostate cancer and shares breakthroughs and achievements.

Study at UH to Take Novel Approach to Improving Breast Cancer Outcomes in Older Women

Can resistance training help older patients with cancer better tolerate chemotherapy? - UH Clinical Update | August 2022

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