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University Hospitals Confronts Challenges of 2022, Emerges More Innovative and Nimble for 2023

UH Clinical Update | December 2022

2022 Distinguished Physician Award ceremony

How and Why We Reward Physician Excellence at University Hospitals

UH Clinical Update | November 2022

Scott Sasser, MD UHPS President

UHPS: Where We’ve Been and How Our Chief Physician Executive Plans to Build a New Vision of Success

UH Clinical Update | October 2022

What the Latest Medicare News Means for University Hospitals

UH Clinical Update | August 2022

Cliff Megerian, MD

University Hospitals Wins Top Award from American Hospital Association

Congratulations on making UH the 2022 national leader in quality - UH Clinical Update | July 2022

Groundbreaking Effort Toward Medical Discovery Under Way at University Hospitals

Research enterprise is hitting on all cylinders, placing UH among the top hospitals in the nation for funded projects - UH Clinical Update | June 2022

Image of patient blood pressure being taken

Creating a Welcoming “Front Door” to University Hospitals

UH Primary Care Institute is achieving record results, building a culture of trust, kindness and compassion- UH Clinical Update | May 2022

Innovations illustrative image

Rethinking Research and Innovation at University Hospitals

With our talented workforce of 30,000+ caregivers, groundbreaking ideas can come from anywhere – please share them us - UH Clinical Update | April 2022

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