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prostate cancer cells

From MMA Fighter to Radiation Oncologist: Combating Prostate Cancer

Daniel Spratt, MD discusses the obstacles of prostate cancer and shares breakthroughs and achievements.

Peter Agre, MD

A Conversation with Peter Agre, MD

Peter Agre, MD, UH Alumnus and Nobel Laureate discusses his medical career path, experience winning a Nobel prize and his work as an ambassador of science.

Jonathan Lewin, MD

A Conversation with UH Alumnus, Jonathan Lewin, MD

Dr. Lewin discusses his Cleveland childhood, training at UH and his successful leadership style and principals that led him to where he is today.

Cliff Megerian, MD

A Conversation with CEO of University Hospitals, Cliff Megerian

Cliff Megerian, MD discusses how his career path led him to UH and ultimately into the role of CEO.

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