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Gregory Rushing, MD, Cardiology

UH Cardiac Surgeon Leads Team Generating Great Outcomes at UH Parma

UH Clinical Update | February 2024

Karas Linden

UH Bariatric Surgeon Builds Lasting Bonds with Patients

UH Clinical Update | February 2024

Joseph Khouri, MD

UH Plastic Surgeon Turns Childhood Trauma into a Calling

UH Clinical Update | February 2024


LimFlow Technology Redefines Biology: Reverses Blood Flow to Prevent Limb Amputations

Mehdi Shishehbor, DO, MPH, PhD, explains how his team is developing preventative solutions to overcome chronic limb-threatening ischemia.

Emily Steinhagen, MD UH Colorectal Surgeon

UH Colorectal Surgeon Aims to Improve Medical Teaching and Learning

UH Clinical Update | December 2023

photo of urologist in OR

University Hospital's Urology Physicians Return from Global Medical Missions

Innovations in Urology | Fall 2023

Getty image bladder cancer illustration

University Hospitals Urologic Oncologist Performs Rare Female Neobladder Procedure

Organ-sparing surgery leads to improved quality of life for patient - Innovations in Cancer | Fall 2023

Getty image of joint SI pain

"Overlooked" Back Pain Has New Minimally Invasive Surgical Option

UH Clinical Update | November 2023

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