Heart Failure

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Heart failure

New Staging Proposal Highlights Heart Failure as More Preventable, Increasingly Manageable Illness

Proposal also notes important role of the heart failure specialist in improving outcomes - Innovations in Cardiovascular Medicine & Surgery | Summer 2021

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Heart Failure 2020: What Mattered Most?

Five University Hospitals Harrington Heart & Vascular Institute specialists offer their perspectives - Innovations in Cardiovascular Medicine & Surgery | Fall 2020

Study Shows Socioeconomic Status Linked to Heart Failure Mortality in United States

Research highlights importance of addressing socioeconomic factors to improve outcomes | UH News Release

New Research Shows Air Pollution Could Play a Role in Development of Cardiometabolic Diseases, Diabetes

First-of-its-kind study, based on a mouse model, finds living in a polluted environment could be comparable to eating a high-fat diet, leading to a pre-diabetic state | New Release

HIV and Cardiovascular Disease Does It Manifest Differently in Sub:Saharan Africa?

UH researcher reports on first study in this population to use calcium scoring, will probe role of latent TB infection Innovations in Cardiovascular Medicine & Surgery - Fall 2018  Christopher Longenecker, MD Do people living with HIV in...

Implantable PA Monitor Decreases Heart Failure Hospitalizations and ED visits by 80 Percent

Innovations in Cardiovascular Medicine and Surgery -  Summer 2018  Guilherme Oliveira, MD Monique Robinson, MD, PhD The heart failure specialists at University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center were early adopters of CardioMEMS, the...

A PARACHUTE for Ischemic Heart Failure

Heart & Vascular Institute Innovations | Winter 2017

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