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Anti-CD19 CAR T-Cells Produced Locally at UH Seidman Cancer Center Induce High Remission Rates in B-cell Malignancies, Study Finds

Clinical trials published in Nature Communications detail advantages of local approach - Innovations in Cancer | Fall 2021

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Multiple Myeloma Patients at UH Seidman Cancer Center First in Ohio to Receive New CAR T-Cell Therapy

Patients also have access to promising clinical trial of vactosertib and pomalidomide - Innovations in Cancer | Summer 2021

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New Immunotherapy Center at UH Seidman Cancer Center Sets the Stage for Solutions

Center offers dozens of clinical trials, including soon a rare all-human protein CAR T trial for patients with certain hematologic malignancies - Innovations in Cancer | Winter 2021

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More Specific Approach to CAR T Cell Therapy Shows Promise for B Cell Cancers

Investigational New Drug (IND) authorization is under way - Innovations in Cancer | Fall 2020

Local Manufacture of CAR T Cells Achieving Promising Results for Patients with High-Risk Lymphomas

UH Seidman Cancer Center team can culture cells in just eight days - Innovations in Cancer | Winter 2020

UH Seidman is Actively Enrolling Patients in CAR-T Clinical Trials

UH Seidman Cancer Center Update | October 2019

Knocking Out Cancer with CAR T Therapy

2017 UH Annual Report to the Community and Report on Philanthropy   Every day, the battle rages on at the microscopic level in our bodies. T cells deploy, seeking and destroying infected or abnormal cells that cause illness. Over the past decade,...


Hematology Update - Summer 2018 It's All About Cells Harnessing cells of the immune system to eradicate various types of cancer has been a strong focus of cancer research in our program over the past five years. Here we highlight two new cellular...

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