Breast Cancer

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Drs. Alberto Montero Amanda Amin

New Leaders Steer UH Seidman Cancer Center's Breast Program into the Future

Uh Seidman Update | September 2021

Abbreviated breast MRI scan

An Early Adopter of Abbreviated Breast MRI, UH Posts Noteworthy Early Results

Program has identified 19.9 breast cancers per 1,000 studies - Innovations in Cancer | Winter 2021

The Vision of Jorge A. Garcia, MD

A conversion with the new division chief of Solid Tumor Oncology | August 2020

New Technologies Improve Patient Experience for Women with Breast Cancer

UH breast surgeons are early adopters of Magseed and Magtrace - Innovations in Cancer | Summer 2019

First Study of Its Kind Finds National Accreditation Program for Breast Centers Leads to Better Quality Care

UH breast surgeon Megan E. Miller, MD, is lead author - UH Clinical Update - April 2019

Novel Triple-Negative Breast Cancer Immunotherapy Trial Under Way at UH Seidman Cancer Center

Preliminary results may be available in December 2019 - Innovations in Cancer - Winter 2019

Does Your Patient Need Supplemental Screening for Breast Cancer

New low-cost, self-pay option at UH targets women with dense breasts UH Clinical Update - January 2018   Half of all American women have dense breasts. Because increased breast density both lowers the sensitivity of mammography and increases the...

Breast Cancer Best Practice

UH committed to convenience, support, oncoplastic approach for women with breast cancer - UH Clinical Update | November 2017

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