National ECOG/ACRIN Research Screening Study for Women With Dense Breasts

Donna Plecha, MD, Director of Breast Imaging at University Hospitals, is the site principal investigator for an exciting ECOG/ACRIN study evaluating a low-cost abbreviated or “quick” MRI (less than 10 minutes) protocol as a supplemental screening method to digital breast tomosynthesis in women with dense breasts.  Specifically, the trial is measuring the detection of invasive cancers. Patients will undergo tomosynthesis and abbreviated MRI on the same day.  The tomosynthesis is a clinical standard of care study covered by insurance, and the abbreviated MRI will be covered by the study.  The patient will have a tomosynthesis and abbreviated MRI this year and next year (two rounds) and then will be followed for three years.  The study is being conducted at UH Westlake Health Center facility and at UH Cleveland Medical Center main campus.  This is an advanced imaging, high-impact, Phase II trial with the potential to change the standard of care and improve clinical outcomes for breast cancer patients.

The sensitivity of breast MRI is substantially higher than mammography, leading to earlier detection, earlier treatment, and potentially reduced mortality. MRI also may detect biologically significant tumors at a smaller size and earlier stage, which may lead to an overall reduction in surgical and adjuvant therapies and their associated morbidities. Patients are currently being enrolled in this advanced imaging, high-impact study. For more information, email

Estimated primary complete date: December 31, 2018

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