Sports Medicine

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How UH Sports Medicine Got Athletes Back on the Field during COVID-19

Physicians help educate schools, administrators, coaches and athletes on how to design a safe return to play - Innovations in Orthopaedics | Fall 2020

University Hospitals Department of Orthopaedics Update | Fall 2020

Resiliency marks department’s growth and development of “return to play” plans for pro and amateur athletes alike - Innovations in Orthopaedics | Fall 2020

UH Study Explores - Does More Training Cause More Injuries?

Innovations in Orthopaedics | Winter 2020

Physician Spotlight: Michael J. Salata, MD

Keeping hip joints in good working order - innovations in Orthopaedics | Winter 2020

Hip Injuries in Younger Athletes

UH reports on literature review of cam impingement by sport and gender - Innovations in Orthopaedics | Fall 2019

Artificial Turf Versus Natural Grass

Which is safer for playing high school sports? - Innovations in Orthopaedics | Fall 2019

Most Youth Baseball Coaches Don’t Follow Pitch Count Guidelines for Young Players, New UH Rainbow Study Says

Expert calls on parents to get more involved in what can be a complicated task - Innovations in Pediatrics | Summer 2019

Summer 2019 Update for the Department of Orthopaedics

University Hospitals provides care for elite-level ballet dancers, football players — and armchair athletes - Innovations in Orthopaedics | Summer 2019

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