James E. Voos, MD

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Fall 2019 Update for Department of Orthopaedics

Building on a legacy of strong pediatric orthopaedic care - Innovations in Orthopaedics | Fall 2019

Artificial Turf Versus Natural Grass

Which is safer for playing high school sports? - Innovations in Orthopaedics | Fall 2019

Summer 2019 Update for the Department of Orthopaedics

University Hospitals provides care for elite-level ballet dancers, football players — and armchair athletes - Innovations in Orthopaedics | Summer 2019

Data-Driven Stem Cell Therapy

UH Sports Medicine Institute leads the way in regenerative medicine Innovations in Orthopaedics - Fall 2018  James Voos, MD Stem cells act as the body's internal repair system, dividing in unlimited quantity to replenish other cells. Their...

Team Player

Dr. James E. Voos helps athletes heal and feel their best on and off the field UH Innovations in Orthopaedics - Spring 2018  James Voos, MD During football season, you'll usually find James E. Voos, MD, Interim Chairman, Department of...

Wearable Tech

UH leveraging data from devices to reduce sports injury risk   Innovations in Orthopaedics - Winter 2016 Download PDF    James Voos, MD From an orthopaedic surgeon’s view, the goal of wearable technology is to improve people’s health and...

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