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Adonis Hijaz, MD Urology

A Conversation with University Hospitals' Adonis Hijaz, MD

Female urology specialist at University Hospitals Urology Institute - UH Research & Education Update | January 2022

CRC Mobile Unit

Bringing Clinical Research Closer to Home

UH Research & Education Update | January 2022

UH Seidman Cancer Center Faculty Presentation Highlights from ASH 2021 and ASTRO 2021 Annual Meetings

Innovations in Cancer | Fall 2021

NK Cells illustration

Cleveland Team Develops New Method to Drive Robust Expansion and Activation of Natural Killer Cells

Approach promises to increase access to NK therapeutics - Innovations in Cancer | Fall 2021

CAR T illustration

Anti-CD19 CAR T-Cells Produced Locally at UH Seidman Cancer Center Induce High Remission Rates in B-cell Malignancies, Study Finds

Clinical trials published in Nature Communications detail advantages of local approach - Innovations in Cancer | Fall 2021

IBD Illustration

IBD Research Update from the University Hospitals Digestive Health Institute

Innovations in Digestive Health | Fall 2021

IVF Illustration

University Hospitals Pioneers Hormonal Environment Research to Better Understand IVF Outcomes

In-vitro fertilization (IVF) has made major strides since its introduction in clinical practice, but it is still a relatively young field with many unanswered questions. - Innovations in Obstetrics & Gynecology| Fall 2021

Blue DNA Modeling illustration

University Hospitals to Help Establish Ethical Frameworks for Reprogenomics Research

Reprogenomics holds the promise of early intervention on embryos and their environments, with an ultimate goal of reducing maternal and fetal morbidity and mortality. - Innovations in Obstetrics & Gynecology | Fall 2021

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