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Investigating a Solution for Sexually Active Breast Cancer Survivors

Research seeks to determine the suitability of tamoxifen vaginal inserts as an option following treatment - Innovations in Obstetrics & Gynecology | Winter 2021

Preparing for COVID-19 Surge or Future Pandemic

Critical care clinicians research better ways of protecting staff and patients - Innovations in Pulmonology & Sleep Medicine | Fall 2020

Belrun device

University Hospitals Sleep Medicine Research Highlights

Innovations in Pulmonology & Sleep Medicine | Fall 2020

Neck cancer illustration

Understanding Racial Disparities in Head and Neck Cancer

Study from UH Seidman Cancer Center suggests biological differences in tumors between African-Americans and European-Americans driving differences in outcomes - Innovations in Cancer | Fall 2020

New Facilities, Leading-Edge Research Enhance Hem/Onc Care at UH Rainbow

Physician-scientists shepherding several promising projects from bench to bedside - Innovations in Pediatrics | Fall 2020

Pediatric asthma

Half of Kids and Teens with Severe Asthma May Grow Out of It with Proper Treatment, Study Suggests

Study is first in NIH-funded Severe Asthma Research Program to follow patients over time - Innovations in Pediatrics | Fall 2020

Advancing Research at the UH Urology Institute

Department looks to tap into artificial intelligence to improve patient care - Innovations in Urology | Fall 2020

University Hospitals and CWRU Announce Study of AstraZeneca’s COVID-19 Vaccine Candidate

Phase 3 clinical trial of AZD1222 uses a replication-deficient chimpanzee viral vector - News Release

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