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David W. Miller, MD, LAc, combines practices of Western and Eastern medicine to help kids heal and thrive

Doctor's Day Profile

UH Connor Whole Health logo

UH Connor Integrative Health Network is now UH Connor Whole Health

Demand for evidence-based services fuels growth of the program - UH Clinical Update | December 2021

David Vincent, UH Chiropractic physician

Providing Pain Relief and Healing

Chiropractic physician Dr. David Vincent, recent winner of a “Dinner with the Doc” award, leads a team of providers integrated across the UH system - UH Clinical Update | October 2021

Keary O'Connor, DO

Second Integrative Medicine Physician Joins UH Connor Integrative Health Network

Keary O’Connor, DO, prizes connecting and communicating with people - UH Clinical Update | March 2021

Options for Patients with Pain

UH Connor Integrative Health Network offers many effective treatment modalities - UH Clinical Update | September 2019

The Science Behind Integrative Health

Meet Jeffery A. Dusek, PhD, Director of Research, UH Connor Integrative Health Network - UH Clinical Update | July 2019

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