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Nine UH Leaders Recognized by YWCA of Greater Cleveland as Women of Professional Excellence


This honor is a tradition among women leaders at UH

On June 26, the YWCA of Greater Cleveland hosted its annual Women of Achievement recognition event virtually. For over 40 years, the YWCA has honored nearly 1,600 exceptional women either with a Women of Professional Excellence award or as a Women of Achievement honoree. In fact, 102 remarkable women from UH have taken home one of these esteemed awards.

This year, we are proud to report nine UH leaders have earned recognition as Women of Professional Excellence:

  • Jill Barnholtz-Sloan, PhD – UH Director of Research Health Analytics and Informatics
  • Valda Clark Christian, JD, CHC, CHPC  – UH Chief Compliance Officer
  • Jeanne Lackamp, MD – Director, UH Pain Management Institute
  • Jennifer Lorenz, DNP, MSN, MHA, RN – UH Director of Patient Experience & Quality Analytics
  • Linda Mangosh - Senior Director, Operations, UH Seidman Cancer Center
  • Marlene Miller, MD, MSC - Pediatrician-in-Chief and Chair of Pediatrics, UH Rainbow Babies & Children's
  • Kara Quan, MD - Director, Cardiac Electrophysiology North Ohio Heart, UH Elyria Medical Center
  • Christine Schaefer - Vice President, UH Corporate Human Resources
  • Wendy Snyder – Finance Director, UH Cleveland Medical Center

Women receiving this award are nominated by their employers and exemplify high professional standards and evidence of career and personal growth; make significant contributions to the effective, efficient operation of their organizations; display a willingness to support and mentor others; and make a positive impact on the community.

“The dedication of these women leaders in using their intellect, skills, talents and perspectives to empower others and help move our region forward is exemplary and distinguishes them as leaders," said Tom Zenty, UH CEO. “Our nation and Northeast Ohio face many challenges right now, and more than ever, we need inclusive leadership and diverse perspectives to confront problems, identify solutions and create opportunities for everyone to realize their potential."

You may participate in the YWCA virtual event by registering at the 2020 Women of Achievement Registration page. The program begins at 11:30 AM.

Congratulations to all on this well-deserved honor! 

Below, our honorees share a bit of wisdom and guidance:

What role do you play in the success of your organization?
“As a psychiatrist in a non-traditional leadership role, I endeavor to bring the values of my Behavioral Health training to everything I do. This includes valuing patients and colleagues as individuals; eschewing pejorative labels; and rejecting bias when it is identified." -Jeanne Lackamp

How do you serve as a mentor or role model for others?
“I have taught and mentored over 50 trainees at all phases of their interest and career development from high school, undergraduate, graduate and medical students, as well as junior faculty members. Across my career, I have had a special interest in mentoring women in cancer research. Several of my female mentees have active research careers in biostatistics and cancer epidemiology." -Jill Barnholtz-Sloan

What is the best advice you've ever received?
“A leader once told me to never apologize for speaking up or asking questions. I realized once I stopped doing that I felt more confident in voicing my opinions and leading initiatives." -Christine Schaefer

“My parents told me to 'be all that I can be.'  Repetition alone made it stick!  In similar spirit, a mentor told me not to hold back in my professional aspirations.  Years ago, he said I shouldn't defer a promotion because, as a young minority female, I didn't look like others who typically held the role. Rather I should take the job and show everyone that those leaders can also look like me." -Valda Clark Christian

Whom do you admire and why?

“Any strong woman who achieves and accomplishes what she wants to do is someone whom I admire. Overcoming obstacles and being assertive are excellent characteristics for success." -Kara Quan

What is the next professional goal you've set for yourself?
“Continue to learn and grow. Continue to collaborate with everyone in the organization as I learn so much from others, especially those in different departments in the organization (clinical/non-clinical).  Everyone, no matter their position, has an opinion or process that is valuable in making decisions to further the success of our organization." -Wendy Snyder

What brings you professional fulfillment and why?
“I find fulfillment when I am able to help others recognize their own passions and find their paths to success. I am passionate about helping those around me, not just the patients we serve at University Hospitals, but also members of my team, and the nursing students that I teach." -Jennifer Lorenz

“Meaningfully improving health care for children and growing future leaders for pediatric care." -Marlene Miller

What does the YWCA mission of eliminating racism and empowering women mean to you?
“Especially in today's environment, we all have a social responsibility to eliminate racial disparities and dispel stereotypes. As women, mothers, sisters, and colleagues, we have the opportunity, and a personal obligation, to influence our friends and families to stand firm in our assertion that all be treated with respect and dignity." -Linda Mangosh

“It means a chance to create opportunities for people of all races and genders.  In so doing, we create opportunities for our community as a whole -- we avoid wasting resources and innovation that are lost when we fail to develop certain populations and optimize their talents and contributions." -Valda Clark Christian