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Sleep Medicine

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University Hospitals Sleep Medicine Enhances Patient Access

Demand is up during the COVID-19 pandemic - UH Clinical Update | March 2021

Nardine Zakhary, MD

Which Sleep Study Is Best for Your Patient?

New algorithm from UH sleep medicine team provides guidance - UH Clinical Update | January 2021

Sally Ibrahim, M.D. Leads New Study in Sleep for Children with Downs Syndrome

UH Research & Education Update |November 2020

Belrun device

University Hospitals Sleep Medicine Research Highlights

Innovations in Pulmonology & Sleep Medicine | Fall 2020

New UH Sleep Medicine Specialist Treats Patients of All Ages

Sally Ibrahim, MD, is triple-boarded in internal medicine, pediatrics and sleep medicine - UH Clinical Update | April 2020

New Options Available at UH for Patients Who Snore

Snoring Clinic offers office-based procedures for the nose and soft palate - UH Clinical Update | September 2019

Prenatal Exposure to Particulate Air Pollution Linked to Sleep Disruption in Early Childhood

New study is first to make the connection - Innovations in Pediatrics - Summer | 2019

Central Sleep Apnea: Challenging to Manage

UH investigates new treatments to improve patient outcomes - Innovations in Pulmonology and Sleep Medicine | Summer 2019

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