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Continued Progress Against Heart Disease Depends on Addressing “Previously Unaddressed Environmental Factors and Re-Imagining Cities and Our Ways of Life”

Measures could make it possible to eliminate heart disease, UH Harrington Heart & Vascular Institute cardiologist and researcher says - Innovations in Cardiovascular Medicine & Surgery | Summer 2021

Novel Drugs Effective Against Dangerous Multi-Drug-Resistant Fungal Infection, Study Shows

Researchers tested candidate drugs on newly developed animal model - UH Clinical Update | March 2021

UH Rainbow Pediatric Orthopaedic Faculty Publications 2020

Pediatric Orthopaedic Update | Winter 2021

Glucose monitor system

UH Rainbow Part of Important New Clinical Trial of Continuous Glucose Monitoring in Young Children

Benefits shown for both children and parents - Innovations in Pediatrics | Winter 2021

New Paper Proposes Framework for Eliminating Defects in Psychiatric Care

Calls for psychiatrists to become ‘system engineers’ in their healthcare organizations - UH News Release

UH Ear, Nose & Throat Institute Faculty 2020 Publications

Innovations in Ear, Nose & Throat | Fall 2020

New Study Predicts Impact of COVID-19 on Labor and Delivery in the United States

UH News Release

Physician Leaders Call for Action to Create a New Generation of Physician-Scientists

Revitalizing the pipeline is of critical importance for health challenges, they say - UH Press Release

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