Physician Recognition

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A Conversation with Dr. Charles Macias

UH Research & Education Update | September 2021

Meeting the Moment During the Pandemic

UH ENT Chair Nicole Maronian, MD, recent winner of a “Dinner with the Doc” award, has achieved stellar results as interim Chair of Sleep Medicine - UH Clinical Update | September 2021

Riley Grosso, MD

Keeping an Eye on the Next Patient

Riley Grosso, MD, Director of Quality and Peer Review and a recent “Dinner with the Doc” winner, finds new ways to raise the bar in Emergency Medicine - UH Clinical Update | August 2021

Tomography scan for ENT

University Hospitals Ear, Nose & Throat Institute Update | Summer 2021

A message from Nicole C. Maronian, MD, Chair and Director - Innovations in Ear, Nose & Throat | Summer 2021

Sarah Pastoriza, DO

Getting Crucial PM & R Services to Patients Who Need Them

Sarah Pastoriza, DO, recent winner of a “Dinner with the Doc” award, has been instrumental in more than quadrupling monthly PM & R consults at University Hospitals UH Clinical Update | July 2021 Sarah Pastoriza’ s athletic skills were such that...

Frank Kelley, MD

Improving the Hospital Experience in Portage County

Chief Hospitalist Frank Kelley, MD, winner of a recent “Dinner with the Doc” award, is helping to improve quality and patient experience at UH Portage Medical Center - UH Clinical Update | July 2021

Sanjay Rajagopalan, MD

A Conversation with Dr. Sanjay Rajagopalan

UH Research & Education Update | June 2021

Finding System Solutions to Better Deliver Care

“Dinner with the Doc” winner and UH neurologist Debbie Ewing-Wilson, DO, is dedicated to the details - UH Clinical Update | June 2021

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