Physician Recognition

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Susan Nedorost, MD Dermatology

Impact, Not Attention

Susan Nedorost MD, University Hospitals GME Designated Institutional Official and System Director leads with resourcefulness, unity, professionalism and integrity - UH Research & Education Update | May 2022

Sharon Stein, MD Colorectal Surgery

Moving Onward and Upward

University Hospital's Sharon Stein, MD discusses research being a critical aspect of becoming a better clinician - UH Research & Education Update | May 2022

David W. Miller, MD, LAc, combines practices of Western and Eastern medicine to help kids heal and thrive

Doctor's Day Profile

Jeffrey Janata, PhD, UH Psychology

Medical Psychologist Dedicates His Life to Helping People in Pain

Jeffrey Janata, PhD

Neuron cell close up Getty image

University Hospitals Neurological Institute Winter 2022 Update

Innovations in Neurology & Neurological Surgery | Winter 2022

Orthopedic Care illustration

115th Anniversary of Orthopaedics at University Hospitals

Innovations in Orthopaedics | Winter 2022

Nicholas Bambakidis, MD

University Hospitals Cleveland Medical Center names Nicholas C. Bambakidis MD, Chair of the Department of Neurosurgery

He also will continue in roles of Vice President and Director of UH Neurological Institute

Intensive Accreditation Process Creates “Systemness” for UH Sleep Medicine

Sally Ibrahim, MD, recent “Dinner with the Doc” honoree, was physician lead in earning corporate accreditation from the American Academy of Sleep Medicine for all UH sleep labs - UH Clinical Update | December 2021

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