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Sean Hoynes, MD

Keeping an Eye on Controlled Substance Compliance

Sean Hoynes, MD, recent winner of a “Dinner with the Doc” award, is on the front lines at UH for combating the opioid crisis - UH Clinical Update | December 2021

Image of premie infant

UH Rainbow Provides Continuing Leadership on Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome

Work on statewide quality improvement collaborative leads to further decreases in length of stay for infants exposed to opioids in utero - Innovations in Pediatrics | Winter 2021


UH patients who struggle with substance abuse do not have to struggle alone - UH Clinical Update | June 2020

Are Opioid Use and Cardiovascular Function Linked?

Researchers investigate effects of chronic opioid use on cardiac muscle cells - Innovations in Congenital Heart | Fall 2019

Common Antidepressants Interact with Common Opioid Medication to Lessen Pain Relief, UH Study Finds

Findings could help explain apparent opioid drug-seeking behavior and opioid overuse - UH Clinical Update | June 2019

Northeast Ohio Hospital Opioid Consortium Video Highlights Partnership

Highlighting the collaborative work underway by area hospitals to address the opioid crisis in the region - The Center for Health Affairs Press Release

UH Comforting Newborns Through Opiate Withdrawal

2017 UH Annual Report to the Community and Report on Philanthropy When a newborn’s peaceful slumber is interrupted by a distinctive, irritable cry beyond what most babies produce, UH nurses and physicians often recognize the symptoms of opiate...

The Roots of Ohios Opioid Epidemic And How UH Is Responding

UH Clinical Update - July 2018 By Cliff Megerian, MD, President, UH Physician Network The opioid epidemic will continue to be the subject of news stories for the foreseeable future. Many of those stories will be about what is being done to turn it...

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