Innovations in Cancer Winter 2022

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UH Seidman Cancer Center to Launch First-Ever Trial of NK Therapy and Vactosertib in Treating Colorectal Cancer and Hematological Malignancies

Trial employs new method of expanding and activating universal donor NK cells developed in Cleveland - Innovations in Cancer | Winter 2022

Pancreas cancer illustration

Expanded Neuroendocrine Tumor Team at UH Seidman Cancer Center Boosts Access to Clinical Trials

Trials of promising anti-angiogenesis therapies under way here - Innovations in Cancer | Winter 2022

Prostate Cancer 3D illustration

Researchers Show Increased Survival Rate in Prostate Cancer Patients with Addition of Hormone Therapy Treatments

First-of-its-kind meta-analysis published in The Lancet Oncology - Innovations in Cancer Winter 2022

Team Led by UH Seidman Cancer Center Researcher Develops and Validates Three-in-One CAR T Therapy

Approach detailed in the journal Nature Communications shows therapeutic potential of BAFF CAR T for treating multiple B cell cancers, using mouse models with high effectiveness and minimum side effects - Innovations in Cancer | Winter 2022

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