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Hernia Surgery

Hernia Repair Surgery and Treatment at the UH Comprehensive Hernia Center

Surgeons at the Comprehensive Hernia Center at University Hospitals are nationally recognized experts in the treatment of hernias and have pioneered improvements in surgical techniques and materials. These advanced treatment options reduce the chance of hernia recurrence and improve overall patient outcomes.

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Call 1-216-844-7874 to schedule your appointment with a hernia specialist at a UH location close to you.

Our skilled surgical team performs a wide variety of hernia surgeries from minimally invasive laparoscopic incisions to full abdominal wall reconstruction for more complex hernia cases. Our surgeons provide virtually every type of treatment for every type of hernia.

The Comprehensive Hernia Center is the only facility in the region that offers a multidisciplinary approach to care for patients with hernias. A team of highly skilled specialists provide today’s most advanced management of all types of hernias. Hernia services are available at many of our locations, including UH Cleveland Medical Center, UH Parma Medical Center, UH Portage Medical CenterUH St. John Medical Center, UH Geauga Medical Center, a Campus of UH Regional Hospitals, UH Elyria Medical Center and more.

Patient-Centered Hernia Care

Physicians at the Comprehensive Hernia Center at University Hospitals promote patient-centered care and develop an individualized treatment plan for each patient. Working with each patient to determine the best surgical option, emphasis is placed on a durable and lasting repair while reducing discomfort and ensuring a fast and complete recovery. The multidisciplinary team approach allows for a variety of non-surgical support services. Regardless of the severity or type of hernia, our team of surgeons provides patients with highly personalized, advanced medical care.

Prior to surgery, each patient at the Comprehensive Hernia Center receives a complete health assessment. If our doctors find that a patient needs to meet certain criteria before surgery, such as weight loss or smoking cessation, we provide the right tools and resources needed for a successful outcome.

Hernia Treatment

Throughout all stages of care, our multidisciplinary team of physicians maintains open, ongoing communication with our patients and referring physicians. Also, in conjunction the Department of Plastic Surgery, we offer more advanced procedures where we both repair the hernia and remove excess skin and/or fatty tissue after abdominal wall reconstruction, if necessary.

Hernia Research

Our surgeons are among the foremost clinical researchers in the field of hernia treatment today. They are engaged in leading-edge clinical research studies to continuously improve hernia treatments and implantable bio-materials. To ensure that patients benefits from the latest innovations, researchers at the Comprehensive Hernia Center are constantly evaluating innovative modifications to traditional hernia repair techniques for both laparoscopic ventral hernia repair and major abdominal wall reconstructions.

This team also continuously develops and tests new mesh products in the research laboratory at UH Cleveland Medical Center. With the help of a significant National Institutes of Health (NIH) research grant, our surgery team has been involved in developing a novel bio-adhesive to be used for less painful mesh fixation.

Our doctors also developed and implemented several innovative techniques that have resulted in improved patient outcomes. Because our research and expertise is highly respected throughout the medical community, our surgeons frequently conduct seminars and training courses to demonstrate our methods for practicing surgeons from around the country.