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UH Cleveland Medical Center Comprehensive Hernia Center Conducts Leading Clinical Research

At the Comprehensive Hernia Center at University Hospitals, our research scientists are committed to advanced discovery for improved patient outcomes. Groundbreaking scientific discoveries by the members of our clinical research team have been successfully implemented for patient care at UH. Also, these advances in surgical techniques and improvements to surgical materials have received critical acclaim at numerous national and international conferences.

Setting Trends in Hernia Repair

Advanced surgical expertise in hernia repair is a cornerstone of UH Comprehensive Hernia Center. Our experts share their knowledge of these innovative surgical techniques with practicing surgeons from across the globe. For example, our team frequently conducts courses that are attended by surgeons from other parts of the country and the world in which they can observe our techniques and learn our methods.

Improvements in Materials to Reinforce Hernia Repairs

Clinical researchers at the Comprehensive Hernia Center at UH help improve patient outcomes through their research on surgical materials. By comparing and testing available mesh materials and determining superior quality and functionality for hernia repairs, our surgical experts are able to use the safest, most effective materials.

Our researchers also seek to advance standards of care as they work to improve surgical materials for improved results. Currently, they are working in conjunction with the Case School of Engineering to create mesh materials with an antibiotic coating to reduce post-surgery infection. Additionally, our surgeons been involved in developing a novel bio-adhesive to be used for less painful mesh fixation in hernia repair.

Hernia Surgery Publications

The Comprehensive Hernia Center’s skilled surgeons have authored and co-authored more than 150 manuscripts and book chapters in the field of hernia surgery.