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UH Sports Medicine Is Changing the Way Care is Delivered for Athletes

University Hospitals & Cleveland Browns LogosUniversity Hospitals Sports Medicine is paving the way for a revolutionary approach to sports medicine care. Our multifaceted sports medicine program offers comprehensive specialty and subspecialty care for athletes of all ages and every skill level.

Starting with a proactive approach to sports injury prevention, UH Sports Medicine provides skilled expertise and knowledgeable resources for athletes, coaches and trainers. When sports-related injuries occur, our team brings this specially trained proficiency throughout the entire diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation process.

Cleveland Browns

Treating Athletes of All Ages

UH Sports Medicine has physicians who specialize in diagnostics and treatment of sports-related injuries, whatever the patient’s age, athletic level or the sport they play. The UH sports medicine program has a pediatric component that treats children as young as toddlers; we also see active seniors who compete in triathlons or bike well into their 90s. We treat athletes at every level – from youth, high school and college athletes, all the way to up to professionals – and provide coverage for teams at every level as well. As the official health care partner of the Cleveland Browns, we also provide on and off field care for the team.

So whether you need complex ACL reconstruction, physical therapy, or treatment for a simple sprain, UH Sports Medicine has all your bases covered.

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