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UH Drusinsky Sports Medicine Institute

Endurance Medicine

Endurance is the body’s physical ability to sustain a specific activity (usually at a submaximal work rate) for a prolonged period of time. It has two components: cardiovascular and muscular endurance. Endurance medicine aims to improve one’s ability to endure through injury management and prevention, exercise tolerance training, and psychologic and nutritional training.

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Assisting All Types of Athletes

University Hospitals’ endurance medicine program coordinates evaluation and treatment of all types of endurance athletes – from runners to swimmers to cyclists by specialized sports medicine physicians, physical therapists, exercise physiologists and sports nutritionists.

Optimize Your Endurance Fitness

Even if you are not injured, our team can enhance your performance and reduce injury risk through evaluation of your mechanics, strength and nutrition. Our endurance medicine program includes the following services:

Running Advice with Dr. Allison Schroeder

Achilles tendinopathy and plantar fasciitis

Does running cause arthritis?

How do you return to running after an injury?

If you’ve never been a runner before, what’s the best way to get started?

What are bone stress injuries?

What are common treatment options for tendinopathy?

What are some of the best recovery tools and practices?

What are the biggest risk factors for injury?

What is relative energy deficiency?

What is the most common cause of knee pain?

What role does sleep play in performance?

Is it safe to run during pregnancy?

When can you start running after pregnancy?

When do we need to stop running and seek medical care?

When runners should consider injection therapy

When runners should consider physical therapy

When runners should rest

When should runners use shockwave therapy?