Sports Medicine Patient Stories

University Hospitals Sports Medicine treats athletes of all ages – from high school, to college and beyond – and of every level, including professionals. Our primary goal is to treat their injuries and help them return safely to play. Here are some of their stories of overcoming injuries and setbacks to ultimately get back in the game.

Amy and her three boys

Amy’s Story

After youth soccer coach and avid runner Amy tore her left ACL while playing living room tackle football with her three little boys, she sought help from Dr. Jacob Calcei to get her back to coaching and running.

Colton Ray and Dr. Leland

Colton’s Story

Colton Ray was in eighth grade when he dislocated his shoulder for the first time. An active athlete, the recurring injury eventually led him to seek help from shoulder specialist, Martin Leland, MD.

Nate and Morgan Muncy playing baseball

Nate and Morgan’s Story

When brother and sister Nate and Morgan Muncy sustained injuries that threatened their athletic endeavors, they sought help from Dr. Jacob Calcei to help them get back to doing what they love.

Andrew Bucur

Andrew's Lateral Meniscus Tear Story

When 19 year old college sophomore Andrew Bucur ruptured his ACL during a soccer scrimmage, he sought help from UH orthopedic specialist, Shana Miskovsky, MD. Seven months later, he was back in the game and stronger than ever.

David Eisele at a weightlifting meet

David’s Story

“Dr. Voos is the best surgeon I could have asked for. I would say to anyone facing a potentially sports-ending injury, It’s a tough road, but keep your head up and work hard. The end game is worth it.” – David Eisele, Avon Lake, OH

Drew Weninger in uniform

Drew’s Story

Drew Weninger never knew he had Femoral acetabular impingement until he began the steady pounding of long-distance running. Following hip arthroscopy at University Hospitals, he was astounded to run a marathon at an eight-minute-mile pace.

India's Story

India had never experienced an injury like the one that put a temporary end to all of her athletics. The team at University Hospitals were able to repair India's knee and get her back to playing sports.

Isaiah's Story

Isaiah's Story: Meniscus Transplant

In eighth-grade, Isaiah Gullick suffered a severely torn lateral meniscus while playing football. UH orthopedic surgeon, Michael Salata, MD, successfully performed a meniscus transplant, restoring Isaiah’s dreams of playing in the NFL.

J.P. Southern

JP’s Story

“Thanks to the amazing staff at University Hospitals, I was able to make a full recovery and am now a full-time professional racer in the F3 Americas series.”

John Dickens and Dr. Sean Cupp

John's Story

Long distance runner John Dickens was training for a marathon when a sharp pain in his hip led him to seek treatment from sports medicine specialist, Sean Cupp, MD, who determined he had a stress fracture of the pelvis.

Judie's Story

Judie's Story

Judie Lesesne was a multi-sport athlete in high school and planned to play college basketball. When diagnosed with an acetabular labral tear and hip dysplasia, a team of UH experts collaborated to return Judie to her active lifestyle.

Kyle's Story

Kyle's Story

Kyle Stergis landed badly during a high school basketball game and experienced immediate pain in his right hip. Playing through the pain, he ultimately caused damage to his left hip as well and turned to Michael Salata, MD, for help.

Professional dancer Lauren Stenroos

Lauren’s Story

Now entering its third season as the Official Healthcare Partner for the Cleveland Ballet, University Hospitals provides physical therapists and athletic trainers for weekly treatment and injury prevention sessions at the Ballet training facilities.

Meadow Hynd

Meadow's Story

Meadow was 16 when she was diagnosed with hip dysplasia and a labral tear. Learn how an innovative combined procedure helped the Gilmour Academy swimmer continue her swimming career at the collegiate level.

Meechie Johnson, Jr. on the court

Meechie’s Story

Meechie Johnson, Jr. suffered a knee injury during his sophomore year at Garfield Heights High School. James Voos, MD and Michael Salata, MD repaired Johnson's ACL and both meniscus to allow Meechie the opportunity to compete at the next level.

Competitive gymnast Ravenna Bala discusses her ACL treatment plan at University Hospitals

Ravenna’s Story

Competitive gymnast, Ravenna Bala, was a high school sophomore when she tore her ACL. She sought treatment from her team physician, Chris Tangen, DO and Cleveland Browns Head Team Physician, James Voos, MD.

Marie Gluth stands outside Port Clinton High School

Marie’s Story

High school sophomore, Marie Gluth, was a three-sport, year-round athlete until she injured her shoulder playing basketball. Marie sought treatment from sports medicine physician, James Voos, MD, and is now back to enjoying her active lifestyle.

Maritza Guerra

Maritza's Story

At age 15, Maritza Guerra, was living in China with her family when she injured her knee and required surgery. The family crossed the Atlantic to consult with knee surgery specialist James Voos, MD, who was able to repair Maritza’s knee.

Skanda Moorthy on the field

Skanda's Story

When a torn ACL threatened to put high school sophomore, Skanda Moorthy on the sidelines, a UH sports medicine team quickly got him back in the game.

Victoria and Kevin Malone, MD

Victoria's Story

When a skating accident resulted in a severe hand injury, 8-year-old Victoria required surgery and months of rehabilitation. A UH team of specialists collaborated to heal her injury and return her to the world of competitive ice skating.

Young Female Athletes

Young Female Athletes

As more young women enter the world of competitive sports, orthopedic physicians are seeing an increase in the number of ACL injuries in females. UH sports medicine specialists are using their expertise to return these athletes to the action.