Foot and Ankle Injuries in Athletes

UH Sports Medicine cares for all athletes – for any skill level and across all ages. Our physicians know how a sports-related foot or ankle injury can disrupt performance immediately – and understand that proper treatment and healing is key to avoiding long-term damage. Our goal is to correct your immediate injury, and reduce post-injury discomfort or long-term performance issues.

Stay in the game. Don’t delay care.

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Full-time athletes such as gymnasts or tennis players often incur foot or ankle injuries. The potential for foot or ankle injury also is a special concern for multi-sport athletes who participate in several sports at once or play sports year-round. For these athletes, common overuse injuries such as stress fractures can be more challenging to treat because repetitive trauma incurred through continued training doesn’t allow the body to heal.

In addition, milder injuries can weaken the foot and ankle structure, which can lead to chronic pain or instability.

Foot and Ankle Conditions We Treat

UH Sports Medicine physicians diagnose and treat a wide array of sports-related foot and ankle injuries from minor to severe, including: