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Pain Management Services

Pain Management Services: Specialists for Managing Pain at University Hospitals

Everyone experiences pain at some time in their lives. Acute pain can be due to injury, illness, or surgical procedures. This pain often resolves as the body’s natural processes lead to healing.

Sometimes, however, pain does not resolve and instead becomes a constant part of daily life. This chronic pain can cause both physical and psychological distress, and it can be particularly upsetting when there is no obvious cause and no immediate remedy. Regardless of its source, chronic pain can lead to decreased daily function and psychological suffering including depression, anxiety and anger.

UH Pain Management Services

University Hospitals Pain Management Services is a multidisciplinary initiative that includes top-rated pain management doctors from anesthesiology, behavioral health, emergency medicine, pediatrics, primary care, surgery and UH Connor Whole Health to treat and manage chronic pain.

Through these partnerships, University Hospitals is working to:

  • Optimize safe and effective pain management treatments and techniques
  • Improve prescribing, follow-up and management of opioids
  • Better identify and treat patients at risk for addiction and other psychological complications of pain

The mission of UH Pain Management Services is to maximize function and minimize risk for patients with pain, through a variety of means, including:

  • Provider and patient education
  • Multimodality treatment
  • Research on pain conditions

At UH, we understand that no one chronic pain treatment is right for every patient. Non-opioid medication treatments, and non-medication therapies such as physical therapy and integrative therapies, are increasingly being recommended as front-line resources for patients. Our goal is to create treatment plans and incorporate multiple treatment modalities, so that each patient receives maximum benefit. Your personalized treatment plan will be as individual as you are.

Comprehensive Pain Management Center

Serving Parma and surrounding communities, the Comprehensive Pain Management Center at UH Parma Medical Center offers a multidisciplinary approach to treating chronic pain. With two convenient locations in Parma and North Royalton, our center offers pain management, physical medicine/rehabilitation, physical/occupational therapy, behavioral health services, addiction services and more.

Call 440-743-4333 to make an appointment today.


Common Components of Pain Management