After Graduation

At University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital, our residents match at top notch fellowships or join great practices all over the country. If you are interested in applying to fellowship and are thinking about applying in Cleveland, please view our pediatric fellowship programs. Pediatric Neurology and Pediatric Genetics programs are matched via the NRMP for medical school graduates.

Class of 2019
Specialty Placements Locations
Allergy/Immunology 1 Mayo Clinic
Cardiology 3 Nationwide, Children's Hospital of LA, Cincinnati Children's
Critical Care 3 UH Rainbow Babies & Children's, UPMC, Emory
Emergency Medicine 2 UH Rainbow, UPMC
General Pediatrics 10 Including: Akron Children's UH Rainbow, Private Practice
Genetics 1 UH
Hospitalist 4 Including: UH Rainbow, Dayton Children's
ID 2 Children's Hospital of Philadelphia, Lurie Children's
Neonatology 3 UH Rainbow, Oregon Health and Science University
Palliative Care 1 UCLA
Total Matched into Fellowships 19
Class of 2018
Specialty Placements Locations
Adolescent Medicine 2 Children's Hospital of Colorado, Children's National
Allergy/Immunology 1 OSU Eye and Ear Institute
Emergency Medicine 5 UH Rainbow, New York Presbyterian, Primary Children's Hospital (UT), Texas Children's Hospital, UPMC
Gastroenterology 1 UH Rainbow
General Pediatrics 7 Including: UH Rainbow, Akron Children's, Private Practice
Genetics 1 UH Rainbow
Hem/Onc 1 UCLA Mattel Children's Hospital
Hospitalist 2 UH Rainbow, Children's Hospital of LA
Neonatology 1 Rady Children's Hospital of San Diego
Nephrology 1 Children's National
Palliative Care 1 Nationwide Children's Hospital
Pulmonology 1 Stanford Hospital - Lucile Packard
Total Matched Into Fellowship 15
Class of 2017
Specialty Placements Locations
Adolescent Medicine    
Allergy/Immunology 1 Cleveland Clinic
Cardiology 2 Children's Hospital of Michigan, NYU Langone Medical Center
Critical Care 4 UH Rainbow, Seattle Children's Hospital, Children's National, University of Minnesota Masonic Children's Hospital
Developmental Medicine 1 Boston Children's Hospital
Emergency Medicine 3 Nationwide Children's, Akron Children's, UH Rainbow
Endocrinology 1 UH Rainbow
Gastroenterology 1 Children's Hospital of LA
General Pediatrics 4 Including: UH Rainbow, Kaiser Permanente Fontana, Akron Children's, Private Practice
Hospitalist 2 UH Rainbow, Cleveland Clinic
Neonatology 1 UH Rainbow
Palliative Care 1 UCLA Medical Center
Pulmonary 1 UH Rainbow
Total Matched into Fellowships 16  
Class of 2016
Specialty Placements Locations
Primary Care 6 Akron OH, Cleveland OH, Pennsylvania, Michigan, Colorado
General Academic Peds 5 UC, Cleveland OH
Palliative Care 1 Akron OH
Hospital Medicine 2 RBC, University of Chicago
Fellowships 10
Hospitalist 3 RBC, Riley, Emory
Pulmonology 1 RBC
Toxicology 1 Emory
GI 1 UT Southwestern
DSP 1 University of Chicago
ID 1 Boston Children's
Class of 2015
Specialty Placements Locations
Primary Care 6 (23%) Sacramento CA, Akron OH, NYC, Pittsburgh PA, Buffalo NY
Hospital Medicine 3 (12%) Akron OH, RBC
Fellowships 13 (50%)
Allergy/Immunology 1 CCF
Heme-Onc 3 Cincinnati, Univ Chicago, Johns Hopkins
Rheumatology 1 RBC
PEM 3 Cosair, Wash U, Children's Mich
NICU 2 RBC, Cincinnati OH
Endo 1 RBC
Pulmonary 1 Cincinnati OH
Sports Medicine 1 RBC
Other 1
Chiefs 3
Class of 2014
Specialty Placements Locations
Primary Care 7 (26%) Pittsburgh PA, Erie PA, Hershey PA, Shaker Heights OH, Chicago IL, Austin TX, Akron OH
Hospital Medicine 5 (19%) Kansas City MO, Beachwood OH, Akron OH
Fellowships 12 (43%)
Allergy/Immunology 2 CCF, Northwestern
PICU 1 Hopkins
GI 1 Hopkins
PEM 4 Cincinnati OH, Children's Mich
NICU 2 RBC, Wash U
Endo 1 CHOP
Pulmonary 1 RBC
Nephrology 1 Children's Mercy
Chiefs 3
Class of 2013
Specialty Placements Locations
Primary Care 7 (28%) Cleveland OH, NY, Phoenix AZ, Colorado Springs CO, Evanston IL, Michigan, Athens GA
Hospital Medicine 3 (12%) Charlotte NC, Hershey PA, Beachwood OH
Fellowships 15 (60%)
Allergy/Immunology 1 Cleveland OH
Developmental- Behavioral Peds 1 Boston Children's
GI 3 CHOP, RBC, Einstein
PEM 1 Children's Mich
NICU 5 RBC, Children's Mich, OHSU
Endo 2 CHOP
Adolescent Med 1 CHOP
Chiefs 3
Class of 2012
Specialty Placements Locations
Primary Care 8 (32%) Cleveland OH, Atlanta GA, Fond dulac Wisconsin
Hospital Medicine 1 (11%) Cleveland OH
Fellowships 16 (57%)
Allergy/Immunology 2 CCF, UH
General Academic Peds 1 Johns Hopkins
PEM 2 TCH, Milwaukee WI
PICU 1 Pittsburgh PA
Pulmonary 2 RBC, UCSF
NICU 4 RBC, Cincinnati OH
Endo 1 Emory
Preventive Medicine 1 Hopkins
Chiefs 3
Class of 2011
Specialty Placements Locations
Primary Care 7 (22%) Billings MT, Santa Cruz CA, Columbus OH, Cleveland OH, Mentor OH, Centennial CO
Hospital Medicine 6 (19%) Cleveland OH, Westlake OH, Akron OH
Fellowships 17 (53%)
Adolescent Med 1 RBC
Allergy/Immunology 1 Children's Memorial
Cardiology 1 Univ Chicago
Child Neurology 2 Boston Children's, RBC
General Academic Peds 1 Strong Memorial
Genetics 1 Texas Children's
H/O 4 St Jude's, Emory, Texas Children's, Univ Chicago
PEM 3 RBC, Akron Children's, Children's Hospital Michigan
PICU 2 RBC, Emory
Pulmonary 1 RBC
MPH 1 John Hopkins
Undecided 1