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Didactic Training

Regularly scheduled conferences provide a firm foundation in pediatric cardiology for fellows. The conference schedule includes:

Case Management/Surgical Conference (twice weekly)
Twice weekly patients with a referral for surgical or catheter-based interventions are presented to the heart center for consensus discussion on the best plan of care. Once per week, the inpatient and consult service patients are reviewed.

Core Pediatric Cardiology Conference (weekly)
Didactic lectures are provided to develop a foundation in the anatomy and physiology, etiology, epidemiology, presentation, natural history, diagnosis, treatment and long-term management of acquired and congenital heart disease. Each fellow will give three lectures per year. All other lectures are proctored by faculty.

Cardiac Imaging Conference (weekly)
Advanced imaging attendings review echocardiograms, fetal echocardiograms, and cardiac magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) with fellows to outline a broad spectrum of anatomic abnormalities.

CTICU Teaching Conference (weekly)
Fellow presentation of upcoming operating room cases followed by a discussion of expected post-operative course. Following case discussions, a didactic lecture is provided to discuss varying anatomy and physiology topics.

Electrophysiology Conference (twice per month)
Electrophysiology attendings provide a review of common rhythm abnormalities, electrocardiograms, intracardiac electrograms, and exercise stress testing among other electrophysiology topics.

Interventional Cath Conference (twice per month)
Interventional cardiology attendings provide a review of catheterization techniques for diagnostic and interventional catheterization in congenital heart disease.

Fetal Conference (monthly)
Monthly review of all patients pending delivery with recent fetal diagnosis of congenital heart disease to review delivery plans and perinatal management.

Adult Congenital Heart Disease Conference (monthly)
Lecture series presented by attendings to focus on the long term care and management of adults with congenital heart disease.

Heart Center Quality Conference (monthly)
Monthly review of quality improvement projects throughout the heart center. Morbidity and mortality discussion included within this series.

Journal Club (every other month)
Fellows are assigned to present a single journal article for critical evaluation and discussion of statistical methods.

Surgical Perspectives Conference (every other month)
Fellows have an in depth review of surgical approached to specific cardiac lesions with the cardiothoracic surgeon.

Pharmacology Conference (every other month)
Discussion with a pharmacologist to review common medications used in patients with congenital heart disease.


Fellows are evaluated by the faculty using written reviews at the end of each rotation. Clinical and technical skills are assessed by direct observation throughout fellowship. The Clinical Competency Committee evaluates the fellows, followed by the program director meeting with each fellow to review clinical progress on a semi-annual basis.

Additionally, fellows are required to complete faculty evaluation forms on a monthly basis. These reviews are anonymized and shared with the individual faculty members. Input from the fellows regarding the structure and success of the fellowship program is regularly sought, and these comments are addressed by the program director and faculty on a monthly basis.

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