Pediatric Neurosurgery

Advanced Pediatric Surgical Treatment for Brain and Spine Disorders

University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s has a dedicated team of pediatric neurosurgeons when surgery is needed to treat brain and spine disorders. With comprehensive care for the most complex brain or spinal surgeries, families across northern Ohio can count on the expertise and experience of our team to provide the most advanced neurosurgical treatment options for children of all ages.

Our team of board-certified and fellowship-trained pediatric neurosurgeons offer an individualized, family-centered approach to neurology treatment that helps ensure positive outcomes. From initial diagnosis to optimal treatment solutions to postsurgical care and neurosurgical rehabilitation and recovery, our team or neurology specialists provides the full range of pediatric neurological services tailored to each child’s unique needs.

Comprehensive Neurological Care for Children of All Ages

Disorders of the brain, spinal cord or associated nerves are known as neurological disorders. Because the spinal cord is the primary pathway between the brain and all bodily functions, an accurate diagnosis and individualized neurology treatment plan is critical. Our pediatric neurologists at UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s have the experience and expertise in caring for any brain or spinal cord injury resulting from any cause, including:

  • Cancers or tumors
  • Craniofacial anomalies
  • Epilepsy and movement disorders
  • Genetic defects
  • Hydrocephalus
  • Prenatal neurologic conditions
  • Spina Bifida
  • Traumatic injury
  • Vascular malformations

Through an expert neurology evaluation, our multidisciplinary team considers all evidence-based recommendations, including neurological surgery, if necessary. If it is determined that neurology surgery is the most appropriate treatment path, families can rest assured that our pediatric experts will help parents understand every aspect of care. Our neurosurgery team is experienced in even the most complex conditions and frequently manage head trauma or other life-threatening events. With specific neurology training to move quickly for optimum results, we are skilled in an emergency or when a procedure is planned well in advance, handling each situation with the utmost care.

Nationally Recognized Expertise Provides Advanced Neurology Treatments

As a nationally recognized team of pediatric neurosurgeons known for successfully treating pediatric neurological disorders, we provide our young patients with the most advanced care available. Our expert neurosurgeon team regularly shares leading-edge results at national and international conferences, including the American Society of Pediatric Neurosurgeons.

Because we are a full-service children’s hospital, our team utilizes the comprehensive resources of University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children's and all pediatric clinical centers of excellence. This collaborative approach ensures the best possible outcome for each patient. A patient’s surgical care may involve treatment from subspecialists in a variety of related pediatric disciplines, including:

In addition, we are involved in ongoing neurology research and discovery to advance neurosurgical techniques. Our UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s team is investigating the most effective surgical techniques for managing neurological disease in children.

Patient Centered Approach to Neurosurgical Treatment

Parent education is an integral part of neurosurgical treatment. Our neurology team provides valuable information about each young patient’s condition and individualized treatment options. We work in partnership with families to determine the best course of treatment for each child.

In addition, our pediatric specialist team is dedicated to ensuring the comfort level of both parents and patients. We encourage parents to stay with their child on sleeping couches - available in all patient rooms. Parents may even accompany the child in the pre-operating area while he or she receives anesthesia.

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