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Child Psychiatry

Child Psychiatry

Many children and adolescents have emotional difficulties, and according to a U.S. Surgeon General’s report, the majority of them never get the help they need. When a child doesn't get the help he needs, emotional difficulties can sometimes lead to more serious psychological trauma, and in severe cases, even to a lifetime of confusion, hardship, and pain.

Our team at the Rainbow Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry provides a full scope of psychiatric evaluation and treatment services, either directly or through referral to affiliated staff and programs. When you and your child come to us, we offer a skilled, compassionate evaluation of your situation. We consult with you on when and if medications may be useful. We also offer psychological testing that can help resolve issues your child may be having. The goal is always to help your child live a fuller life.

Teen suicide is a growing problem in this country. In collaboration with Highland Springs Changes®, University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital now offers intensive outpatient and partial hospitalization programs designed to help address symptoms of depression, anxiety and thoughts of self-harm in children and teens.

Rainbow’s Child & Adolescent Psychiatry division offers an environment on the leading edge of treatment, research, and education, with a clear focus on children. We offer research fellowships to committed medical practitioners who want to learn and understand more in their field. Child and adolescent psychiatry is a solid subspecialty at the hospital. Because of this we are able to provide you and your child with a special combination of clinical expertise and compassionate care from people who are actually creating it every day.

We offer an environment that values children and their families first and recognizes the special contributions they make to our society.

Individual Evaluation Determines Best Treatment for Each Child

Your child is unique – no one has the exactly the same family, environment, genetics, and so on. Any treatment we recommend will be tailored specifically to your child.

The first step we take is always getting to know your child. We may ask your child to tell us what’s happening: why is she here, what are his complaints, what kind of trouble is she having, when did it start? With the answers he gives, and with your valuable input, we’ll build an understanding of how the family interacts and what specific factors might come into play. That’s the foundation on which we create a plan to help.

Based on the needs of your child, treatment options could include individual, group, and family psychotherapy, individualized behavior therapy, psycho-pharmacotherapy, or a combination of these. We can help most difficulties by treating your child on an out-patient basis. If hospitalization is needed, we can help your child through affiliated programs.