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Pediatric Urology

Pediatric Urology Services at University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital

Rated one of the Best Chlidren's Hospitals in Urology by U.S. News & World Report

The pediatric urologists at UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s provide comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for the full range of urology conditions that affect newborns, children, teens and young adults. These conditions range from bedwetting and urinary tract infections to complex congenital anomalies involving the reproductive organs, kidneys or bladder. Utilizing the most advanced procedures and therapies available, we offer a compassionate, sensitive, child-friendly approach to care that centers on the unique needs of our young patients and their families. Our doctors are the only pediatric urology specialists recognized as Top Docs in Cleveland, Ohio.

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To learn more about our pediatric urology services, please call 216-844-5661.

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Advanced Detection of Urologic Conditions Before Your Baby is Born

At UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s, all pediatric patients have access to the most advanced diagnostic technologies to ensure the most accurate diagnoses. This access extends to our smallest, most precious patients: those still in utero. Modern imaging technologies such as ultrasound and fetal MRI allow many congenital anomalies to be identified while a child is still in the womb. Following prenatal diagnosis of a genitourinary issue our pediatric urologists work closely with obstetricians, maternal-fetal medicine doctors, fetal care coordinators and neonatologists to develop a specific urology treatment plan that begins immediately after birth.

Child-Focused, Holistic Urological Care

Our experienced, compassionate pediatric urologists understand the sensitive nature of urological conditions in children. These conditions can present both physical and emotional challenges for many kids. We take the time to educate patients and families about all treatment options, providing care plans tailored to the needs of each child.

Our doctors recognize the importance of a holistic approach when caring for children, particularly in treating more complex conditions. As such, we take a collaborative approach to pediatric urological care, working closely with other pediatric specialists across the UH Rainbow care network to achieve the best possible outcome for your child. Furthermore, our pediatric urology program includes transitional care for pediatric patients entering adulthood who have congenital or other chronic urologic conditions that require ongoing monitoring and care.

Operating as part of a large academic medical center, our pediatric urologists are also at the forefront of research aimed at raising the standard of urological diagnostics and therapeutic care to improve the lives of pediatric patients everywhere.

Expertise in Pediatric Urology Surgery

While many children do not require pediatric urology surgery, families can be assured that our surgical team, which includes pediatric nurses, pediatric anesthesiologists and child life therapists, among others, provides a safe operative experience for those that do. Whenever possible, our surgeons perform minimally invasive surgery using laparoscopic techniques, endoscopy and other advanced modalities to achieve the best patient outcomes while decreasing post-operative pain and recovery times.

We help our young patients cope with the anxiety of preparing for surgery and do everything possible to minimize post-operative pain and discomfort. Our comprehensive pediatric urological surgical services are available at multiple convenient locations throughout Northeast Ohio.

Conditions & Treatments

We diagnose and treat all disorders of the reproductive organs and urinary tract in children – ranging from common problems to complex congenital anomalies, and pediatric urological cancers. Visit our Conditions and Treatments page to learn more about our comprehensive list of frequently-seen diagnoses and urology services.

Kidney and Bladder Problems in Children with Spina Bifida

The majority of children with spina bifida have a condition called neurogenic bladder, in which the bladder does not function normally. This can increase the risk for urinary tract infections, urinary leakage, and long-term damage to the kidneys. Some children may require medication, catheterization, or surgery to optimize bladder function. A pediatric urologist can help monitor the health of your child’s urinary tract and provide an individualized management plan, as your child grows. Children with spina bifida benefit from regular care by a multi-disciplinary team of specialists familiar with the diagnosis.

Why Choose Rainbow’s Pediatric Urology Team?

The Pediatric Urology team at UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s puts children and their families first, delivering the most advanced urological treatments available while treating each of our young patients with the utmost compassion. We provide evidence-based diagnostics and treatments aided by the cutting-edge research of a large academic medical center and the high-level multidisciplinary support of a broad-based health system. We also offer around-the-clock treatment assistance and access to your child’s care team in between scheduled appointments.

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UH Rainbow is a verified center of the ACS Children's Surgery Verification Quality Improvement Program

UH Rainbow is recognized as a Level I Children’s Surgery Center by the American College of Surgeons (ACS), reserved for hospitals that meet the highest standards for quality care, safety, staffing, training, data collection and infrastructure. This quality indicator means that we are focused to prevent complications, hold down costs and improve patient outcomes.

Learn More About Our Pediatric Urology Program

To learn more about our pediatric urology services, please call 216-844-5661.