Pediatric Urology

Setting the Highest Standards for Pediatric Urology

As a nationally-recognized center of excellence, the pediatric urology specialists at University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s provide an uncommon level of expertise and a superior approach to care. Referring physicians and other pediatric specialists and families seek out our multidisciplinary team for personalized urology treatment options for all types of urinary conditions from common urinary tract infections (UTIs) to more complex kidney conditions. We also have dedicated clinics that treat conditions requiring specialized urological services, such as spina bifida.

Recognized by U.S. News and World Report as one of America’s best hospitals for pediatric urology, our board-certified and fellowship-trained pediatric urologists, pediatric nurses and other clinical specialists are committed to providing the most advanced techniques for pediatric urology treatment. We work collaboratively with patients and families to identify the optimal path for diagnosing, treating and managing urologic conditions for a healthy life. And, our quality and safety standards ensure that our patients receive the highest level of care possible.

Expert, Family-Centered Treatment

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Our knowledgeable urology team understands the sensitive nature of urological conditions for children. Urinary tract disorders – including those impacting the kidneys, bladder, urethra and ureters – and those impacting the male reproductive organs, can present both physical and emotional challenges for many children.

That’s why our multidisciplinary team educates patients and families about every treatment approach to treatment, including holistic techniques, and guides them to the best options for their unique situation. Both male and female pediatric urologists are available to ensure patients are comfortable and engaged in a collaborative process of shared decision-making.

When families and patients walk through the door of UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital, they can expect to be surrounded by a caring team of professionals supported by the most technologically advanced diagnostic and treatment capabilities.

Choosing the Right Urology Treatment Path

Most children treated by our specialists in urology will not require surgery. That’s good news for many families who appreciate the UH pediatric urology team's staged approach to treatment. Our pediatric urologists start with the least invasive techniques to ensure urology surgery is the best option. Often, this means that patients must learn techniques for managing their condition over time. Families can trust that our team is committed to walking alongside patients every step of the way to ensure the best outcomes for long-term health. If urology surgery is necessary, we work alongside other pediatric specialties including our pediatric anesthesiology team to ensure every precaution is taken for successful outcomes.

Improving Outcomes One Child at a Time

Because every patient has unique factors to their individual urologic condition, we take the time to put personalized care plans in place. For conditions diagnosed before birth, our urologists begin working with parents even before birth alongside the maternal fetal medicine and neonatology teams – to put a care plan in place for urology treatment after delivery. The best care starts with the development and implementation of a treatment plan that is customized to each child’s unique needs and can change and grow as he or she progresses through treatment stages, developmental phases and toward adulthood to support a lifetime of wellness.

Learn More about Our Urology Program

Our pediatric urologists are available at many locations across Northeast Ohio for convenient access to care, close to home. For more information or to learn more about our pediatric urology services, please call 1-888-994-9321.

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