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Kidney Disorders in Children

The pediatric nephrologists at University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital evaluate and manage the following kidney conditions:

Pediatric Kidney Treatments and Services

In addition to providing expert evaluation and care for general nephrology problems, our pediatric nephrologists also provide specialized treatment and services, including:

  • General pediatric nephrology: Nephrology services that focus on the evaluation and treatment of the most common kidney problems in children.
  • Pediatric kidney transplant: Sometimes, the best life-saving solution is a new kidney from a living or deceased donor. UH Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital provides kidney transplantation in children as young as 1 year of age.
  • Dialysis: Children sometimes need extra help when problems are severe enough to keep the kidneys from functioning normally. Dialysis can replace kidney function or give weak kidneys a helping hand. Our team uses sophisticated machinery to filter the blood and remove the waste products to sustain life.
  • Hypertension care: High blood pressure can stem from a variety of causes including kidney issues. At our hypertension clinics, pediatric specialists in hypertension are dedicated to controlling the condition and preventing additional problems by providing individualized instruction on home blood pressure monitoring and following the recommended DASH diet.
  • Inherited kidney disease services: Experts evaluate and plan treatment for children with inherited kidney diseases, including prenatal diagnosis or those present at birth or later in childhood.