Dialysis Center & Renal Care

Life-Sustaining Treatment for Children with Kidney Disease

University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital is a pioneer in caring for the special needs of children with kidney problems. When medication or surgery is not enough to restore kidney function, dialysis may offer life-sustaining treatment.

At the Dialysis Center, specialized machines take the place of nonfunctioning kidneys by removing impurities from the bloodstream. A variety of advanced dialysis methods are available—depending on the young patient’s needs. The Dialysis Center is equipped to perform peritoneal dialysis, hemodialysis and continuous renal replacement therapy.

At our center, children and families facing short- or long-term dialysis have direct access to a coordinated team of experts that includes:

  • Nephrologists: specialize in kidney problems
  • Urologists: specialize in the body’s ability to route, collect and expel urine
  • Neonatologists: provide care to newborns
  • Nurses: are specially trained and experienced in dialysis support
  • Social workers: offer support in managing financial, educational and other aspects of life affected by dialysis
  • Nutritionists: supply expert pediatric care to optimize nutrition and growth in children requiring dialysis
  • Child psychiatrists and psychologists: help children cope with the emotional aspects of long-term illness
  • Certified child life specialists: coordinate the care plan, encourage open communication, and help children and families understand the hospital experience

Children receiving dialysis also have access to nonclinical support such as art therapy. This type of activity helps keep the child’s mind occupied during treatment and may even reduce stress. Tutors are available to help children with schoolwork during treatment.

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