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Pediatric Kidney Services (Nephrology)

Pediatric Kidney Services

The Division of Pediatric Nephrology at University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital is led by pediatric kidney specialists who have expertise in diagnosing and treating kidney disorders in babies, children and adolescents.

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Why Choose Us?

Our pediatric kidney program is among the best in the nation for treating pediatric renal disease, and has been consistently ranked as one of the top children’s hospitals in nephrology by U.S. News & World Report.

Our pediatric nephrologists have advanced training in managing kidney problems in children. They are also experienced in treating complex cases, including rare genetic disorders and kidney failure that requires dialysis or kidney transplantation.

UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s Hospital brings significant advantages to families in need of kidney care, including:

Pediatric Kidney Conditions and Treatments

The pediatric nephrologists at UH Rainbow are experienced in treating a wide range of kidney disorders in children, from the commonplace to the very rare. This includes conditions such as kidney stones, chronic kidney diseases and inherited kidney disorders. We also have expertise in a variety of pediatric kidney treatments and services, including dialysis and kidney transplantation.

What Causes Kidney Problems in Children?

Critical to the health of the human body, the kidneys perform multiple functions. They produce urine, which removes waste products and extra water from the body. The urine flows from the kidneys down narrow tubes called ureters to the bladder, where it is stored until it is expelled. In addition to removing waste, kidneys also regulate a variety of compounds, salts and other minerals in the blood.

In children, kidney problems arise when:

  • Kidneys were not properly formed during pregnancy
  • Blockages occur, which slow or stop the flow of blood or urine
  • Genetic problems cause the kidneys to improperly process blood or urine
  • Other diseases, such as lupus, cause inflammation of the kidneys
  • Medication, poison or other ingested substances cause damage

Our Areas of Kidney Expertise

Our pediatric experts employ sophisticated technology and techniques to improve health and save lives in the following areas:

Common Kidney Problems in Children

Our general kidney services provide comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for the most frequently reported kidney problems, including kidney stones and chronic kidney disease.

High Blood Pressure

Our hypertension-focused clinics are dedicated to uncovering the causes of high blood pressure in children and treat with lifestyle modifications and medication when needed.

Inherited Kidney Diseases

When an inherited kidney disorder is diagnosed, either before birth or after birth or during childhood, our pediatric nephrologists work to develop an individualized treatment plan to manage the condition.

Dialysis Services

When medication or surgery is not enough to make the kidneys function properly, our multidisciplinary team offers advanced dialysis technology in a dedicated, child-friendly dialysis space.

Kidney Transplant

When a kidney transplant becomes necessary, our team closely with transplant experts at UH Transplant Institute and other pediatric specialists to develop a comprehensive care plan.