Buddy, Your Rainbow Friend

Buddy is a consistent visitor and friend who helps ease the transition from home to hospital through a variety of therapeutic interventions. By creating opportunities for gaining mastery and control, for expressing oneself, for medical play and other developmentally appropriate activities, as well as education and preparation for procedures, “Buddy” is an effective tool in enhancing coping skills and reducing stress.

Buddy introduces the opportunity to explore and play with actual medical equipment oftentimes seen and experienced by children throughout their hospitalization.

Buddy gives children an opportunity to explore, act out and talk about their experiences through medical play.


  • is approachable and non-threatening
  • is a consistent visitor and friend
  • supports and enhances effective coping
  • provides support during procedures
  • facilitates medical play and mastery over medical experiences
  • reduces stress and provides positive experiences
  • helps children to identify, clarify, and express their feelings
  • eases the transition from home to hospital for patients and their siblings
  • assists in meeting the psychosocial and developmental needs of patients
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