Pregnancy and COVID-19

Preparing To Have a Baby During COVID-19

Preparing to deliver a child is a wonderful and also somewhat stressful time for many families. We want to support you through the important process of pregnancy and birth. You can also learn and consider many things before you come to our hospital to make the experience easier and more positive.

Because COVID-19 has been around for only a few months, we are still learning about this coronavirus and its effects. New information becomes available almost daily, and any of your providers will be happy to answer questions and concerns. We are doing everything we can to keep mom, baby and our staff safe during delivery and throughout your hospital stay. Stay up-to-date on the latest coronavirus information as well as our hospital and doctor office policies.

During Your Delivery and Hospital Stay

When you come to the hospital for delivery, you will be tested for COVID-19 even if you have no symptoms. This is for the safety of you and your newborn.

University Hospitals’ leadership has carefully planned for a safe delivery for you and your baby whether you test positive for COVID-19 or not.

We want to highlight the following for ALL patients:

  • You may have one healthy support person with you in the hospital.
    • The support person will not be allowed to enter if they screen positive for COVID-19.
      • Have your support person take their temperature before you head to the hospital. That person will not be allowed to enter if their temperature is 100.0 F or higher. In that case, you may want to ask someone else to accompany you.
  • No visitors will be allowed, other than the support person.
  • You and your support person should wear a mask during your hospital stay. This is most important when you are outside your hospital room or health care workers are present.
  • You and your support person each will be screened daily for signs of illness and fever.
    • If your support person develops a fever of 100.0 F or higher, s/he will be asked to leave, and may be replaced by another healthy support person.
If you test positive for COVID-19:
  • Your one support person can stay with you for the length of your admission, but s/he may not leave your room (we will bring in food for you both)
  • If you need a cesarean delivery (C-section), your support person is not allowed to go with you to the operating room.
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