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Benefits of a Midwife-Assisted Pregnancy and Birth

University Hospitals has the largest, most experienced midwifery team in the Cleveland area, attending to more than one thousand vaginal births annually. Our nurse -midwives take a personalized approach to pregnancy and childbirth, offering unique services such as CenteringPregnancy® and water birth to improve patients’ experiences, reserving medical interventions for only situations that require them.  

A Multidisciplinary Approach to Pregnancy, Labor and Delivery

Midwifery at University Hospitals provides the best of both worlds – highly personalized care combined with evidence-based medicine. Our team consists of certified nurse -midwives and nurse practitioners who work closely with obstetricians, gynecologists and maternal fetal specialists to offer patients a full spectrum of care when needed.

Because midwife-assisted deliveries occur in a UH hospital or birthing center, patients are close to advanced equipment and state-of-the-art facilities in the event complications arise during or following labor or delivery. This makes it an exceptionally safe, personalized option for labor and delivery.

Personalized Pregnancy Experience

Just like a physician-assisted delivery, women who choose midwifery also receive comprehensive prenatal care and education throughout the pregnancy. Midwives are available to answer questions and evaluate patients to identify problems early, minimizing the chance of complications.

A midwife-assisted pregnancy and delivery, however, is more personalized and tailored to the woman’s individual needs and preferences. This might include having family members present for the birth of her baby or guiding an expectant mother through water birth.