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CenteringPregnancy® Empowers and Provides Support Throughout Pregnancy

CenteringPregnancy is a unique care model that enables midwives to provide women with pregnancy and birth-related information in a group setting. As a result, expectant mothers learn together and support each other throughout their pregnancies.

We firmly believe that CenteringPregnancy gives women a sense of empowerment and participation in their care, as well as access to community support that is not readily available when working one-on-one with a healthcare provider.

The CenteringPregnancy program at University Hospitals offers pregnant women health assessments, health promotion, education and prenatal care, all in a supportive, group environment.

CenteringPregnancy Offers Proven, Positive Results

Studies support that the centering model improves outcomes for both the mother and her baby. Participants experience a decrease in preterm birth rates, low birth weight and postpartum depression. They also enjoy more successful breastfeeding efforts and increased knowledge, satisfaction and compliance with care.

Cleveland’s Leading CenteringPregnancy Program

University Hospitals’ Nurse-Midwifery team is proud to offer the largest, most established CenteringPregnancy program in the Cleveland area. As our CenteringPregnancy program continues to grow, we have received a number of grants to further develop its features and explore its many benefits.


CenteringPregnancy is offered at the following locations: