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Resources for Your Pregnancy and Childbirth Journey

Preparing for Baby

Childbirth & Newborn Classes

University Hospitals offers childbirth and newborn classes not only to help guide you through childbirth but to help you navigate life as a new parent.

Weekly Emails and Newsletter

This free weekly newsletter to expectant and new parents is a trusted resource to guide you through pregnancy, labor and delivery, and the first years of your baby’s life, from UH’s board-certified obstetricians and UH Rainbow pediatricians.

Pregnancy Handbook

Our handbook has helpful information on what to expect during pregnancy and how to keep you and your baby healthy.

Pregnancy & Newborn Articles

Articles that may be of interest to you are available online in our Pregnancy & Childbirth library and our High Risk Pregnancy library.

CenteringPregnancy® Program

CenteringPregnancy® is a unique care model where midwives provide pregnancy and birth-related information to women in a group setting.

Preparing for Birth Day

Birthing Options

If you haven’t chosen a birth plan yet, review UH’s birthing options and pain management strategies to help make your final decision.


UH’s nurse-midwifes take a personalized approach to pregnancy and childbirth, offering unique services such as CenteringPregnancy® and water birth to improve patients’ experiences, reserving medical interventions for only situations that require them.

Delivering Your Baby – Locations

UH offers expert care at seven birthing centers across Ohio, bringing knowledgeable specialists, experienced staff and state-of-the-art facilities closer to you.

Going Home

Choosing the Right Doctor for Your Child

If you haven’t done so already, you should choose a pediatrician so your baby’s development can be carefully monitored as he or she grows.

Birth Certificates & Social Security Numbers

Before you and your baby are discharged, your care team will provide you with the forms required to obtain your baby’s birth certificate and social security number.

Breastfeeding Guide

Here are breastfeeding tips and answers to common questions that both new and veteran mothers may have about breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding Consultations & Support

If you’re thinking about breastfeeding, especially for the first time, you will likely have questions or concerns. UH’s lactation consultants can help.

Enhanced Recovery After Surgery – Cesarean Birth

At UH, we provide expert Enhanced Recovery After Surgery (ERAS) care for women who give birth via cesarean section. This approach optimizes your health before, during and after your cesarean delivery.