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Raising the Standard of Pediatric Urology Care

Quality care and safety are at the heart of University Hospitals Rainbow Babies & Children’s mission. It’s one of the reasons our system is consistently ranked by U.S. News and World Report as one of America’s best.

Our multidisciplinary team of pediatric urology specialists is committed to this mission to advance healthcare practices through ongoing quality improvement initiatives. Our goal is always to ensure we can offer patients the safest and highest standard of care.

Improving Access for Better Outcomes

Timely access equates to better outcomes which is why we focus on how to provide expert care, especially when urgent needs present. For one specific condition, our team conducted a root-cause analysis of patients when transition from the emergency department (ER) to the operating room (OR) fell short of expectations for patients with testicular torsion. After working with the ER, OR and radiology department, the team improved wait times by a significant percentage, getting patients access to critical care sooner to help improve outcomes. This effort reflects our commitment to raise the standards of care delivery for critical care timing.

Standardized Approach to Healthcare Excellence

We are committed to implementing standardized care practices that reflect the latest evidence-based results. For example, pediatric patients who undergo a bladder augmentation are at higher risk of developing a B12 deficiency. Our team implemented a screening as part of standard practice to proactively monitor patients for this possible side effect and identify it before it could develop into a greater issue. Care teams are alerted to conduct the screening during follow up visits to ensure this protocol is followed. This proactive approach to care helps minimize potential complications.

Safety Focus Front and Center

The most common causes of issues for spina bifida patients are often related to kidney failure and sepsis from urinary tract infections. The pediatric urology experts that lead our Spina Bifida Clinic have nearly eliminated this occurrence in our patients by taking an aggressive approach to bladder health management in children with this disorder. Our Spina Bifida Clinic takes a multidisciplinary approach and leverages a variety of leading-edge therapeutic interventions. These may include medications, Botox injections, neuromodulation and sometimes surgery for comprehensive care for the condition as well as the potential urologic side effects.

The UH pediatric urology specialists also follow industry best practices for radiation exposure limits, complying ALARA (As Low As Reasonably Achievable) guidelines for safety.

Families can also have peace of mind that our team follows best-practice protocols for catheter-associated urinary tract infections (UTIs), minimizing risk for all our young patients.

Prenatal Diagnosis with Advanced Imaging Capabilities

Bladder and kidney issues are increasingly diagnosed prenatally due to the availability of advanced imaging and diagnostics capabilities. While prenatal diagnosis and treatment of a condition is rare, our pediatric specialists in urology work proactively with parents to provide counseling on what to expect and the best labor and delivery options to ensure the best outcome.

Raising the Bar on Pediatric Urology Care Delivery

At UH Rainbow Babies & Children’s, we recognize that you have a choice. We believe our patients deserve nothing short of excellence when it comes to treatment and ongoing management of conditions. You can trust that our team is an industry leader in promoting the highest quality of care and safest approach. It’s part of our commitment to you to continue to raise the standard of pediatric urology care.