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Why Do I Need an Operation?

Correcting a Spine Curvature Early Can Prevent Health Problems Down the Road

The term “scoliosis” comes from the Greek language. It means a twisting or curving of the spine to the right or left. There are different kinds of scoliosis. It is called a disease, but it is not one in the usual sense of the word; you cannot catch it or give it to someone. There is no way either you or your parents could have prevented scoliosis. It is usually an inherited condition. Scoliosis is not rare – one out of every 25 children has some type of scoliosis. Most people with scoliosis do not need treatment. Others do require treatment and may even need an operation.

Controlling the Progression of a Spinal Curve

It is necessary to control the deformity of your spine for a number of reasons. If the curve is allowed to increase, other parts of your body could be affected. Progressive scoliosis not only affects how you look, but also causes health problems that may show up later in your life. The surgery is a delicate operation, but it is important to remember that it is an operation on the bones in your back, not on the nerves of the spine or the spinal cord. We have said that surgery is necessary when the curve continues to progress and becomes severe.

How Surgery Can Help

The main purpose of surgery is to stabilize the spine and stop the curve from getting worse. During surgery, your doctor will correct your curve as much as possible. He will also try to align your spine with your head over your tailbone, so your body will be balanced, not shifted to one side. Stabilizing the curve and aligning your head and tailbone will help prevent future complications to your health and changes in your appearance. If the degree of your curvature greatly decreases, you receive an added bonus of increased height.

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