Research Labs

Eric Devaney, MD

Devaney Lab

The Devaney lab maintains an active bench-to-bedside research program which includes both basic science and clinical research. At the bench, the lab is focused on the genetic modification of muscle motor proteins in normal and failing hearts. Additionally, the lab is engineering autologous tissue for the treatment of congenital heart disease. At the clinic, Dr. Eric Devaney's research involves the applications of ventricular assist devices in pediatric heart failure as well as clinical outcomes in pediatric heart surgery.

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Michael W. Jenkins Ph.D.

Jenkins Lab

The Jenkins lab develops and applies novel biomedical optics tools and techniques for investigating congenital heart disease and diseases of the peripheral nervous system. The primary optical tools are infrared control of excitable tissues (optical pacing, infrared neuromodulation), optical coherence tomography (OCT), and microscopy (light-sheet microscopy, optical mapping).

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