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Travel Medicine Services

Comprehensive Travel Medicine Services for Your Clients

As a travel professional, you understand that attention to detail is essential when planning trips for your clients. Whether it’s the trip of a lifetime to an exotic destination or a routine business trip abroad, they trust and expect you to manage every aspect of their journey.

In addition to arranging flights, car rentals and hotel reservations, ensuring that your clients receive the appropriate and required medical services before, during and after their trip is a crucial aspect of travel planning. When you refer your clients to the UH Roe Green Center for Travel Medicine & Global Health, you can rest assured that these needs will be expertly managed.

Refer Your Clients

For more information about our travel clinic or to schedule a pre-travel consultation, advise your clients to call 216-844-8500 or visit uhhospitals.org/travelagents.

Our travel clinic has a team of experienced adult and pediatric infectious disease specialists that is dedicated to the prevention of travel-related illnesses, injuries and infections.

Clients referred to our clinic will enjoy access to expert advice, safety tips, vaccinations and personalized health recommendations tailored to their destinations and itinerary. Travelers with existing medical conditions will also be advised how to best manage their health while away from home.

Convenience for You. Peace of Mind for Your Clients.

When you partner with UH Roe Green Travel Medicine & Global Health, you can rest assured that the healthcare needs of your clients will be expertly managed by our team, freeing you up to focus on the myriad other aspects of planning a well-organized, safe and successful trip for them.

The health-related services we provide include:

  • Pre-Travel Health Consultations. Our experienced healthcare professionals will conduct a thorough assessment of your clients' travel plans, offering personalized recommendations to minimize health risks specific to their destinations. Consultations are available in-person or virtually.
  • Essential Vaccinations. We offer a comprehensive range of optional and required vaccines based on the traveler’s destination(s).
  • Pre-Travel Health Education. Our team will equip your clients with invaluable knowledge about health and safety precautions, including food and water hygiene, insect bite prevention and more.
  • Post-Travel Support. Our clinic offers consultations to address any post-travel health concerns that may arise.

Make an Appointment

To schedule a pre-travel consultation call, 216-844-8500.

Please note: You must be physically located in Ohio for a virtual consultation

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