Pricing for Travel Medicine Vaccines & Consultations at University Hospitals Travel Clinic

Travel medicine services are not routinely covered by insurance, and therefore, pre-travel consults, vaccines and immunizations are self-pay.

Depending on your specific insurance plan, your insurance may cover part or the entire pre-travel consult portion of the appointment. Upon request via your “MyUHCare” portal (under customer requests and forms), we can mail you an itemized statement to submit your claim to your insurance company. Please check with your insurance company to determine what may be covered by your specific policy.

The travel doctor will ultimately determine what immunizations/medications are required, so an exact cost cannot be determined prior to the visit.

All prices are subject to change. UH employees (physicians, fellows, and residents) and students with a valid school ID will receive a 30 percent discount.

Pre-Travel Appointment Fees

  • Pre-travel consult (in person/first visit): $94/person
  • Pre-travel consult (in person/second visit): $53/person
  • Pre-travel consult (via UH virtual visit): $79/person
  • Comprehensive consult (longer appointment for travelers visiting multiple countries): $298/person

Vaccines and Immunizations

By geography/travel destination (estimated):

  • Asia: $300 – $445
  • Africa: $350 – $495
  • India: $300 – $345
  • South America: $300 – $445
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