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University Hospitals Connor Whole Health Can Help Improve Employee Health

For EmployersIs the optimal well-being of your employees a priority for you? UH Connor Whole Health offers many services that can inspire your employees to better health and provide them with a stronger sense of well-being. Many of our services and classes can be made available at your site. Call 216-285-4070 to find out how we can bring improved health options to your workplace.

Employee Workshops and Retreats

UH Connor Whole Health offers on-site corporate wellness workshops that are designed to help improve employee morale and productivity. They do this by helping people align their behavior with meaning, purpose and passion through their life, work and relationships.

These 60- to 90-minute programs are led by professionals with years of experience in private/corporate consultation and coaching, and who have provided their services to international corporations and firms throughout North America. Workshops offered through UH Connor Whole Health include:

  • Stress Management and Resilience Training: The BasicToolbox
  • Mindfulness: Basic Principles and Practices
  • Wellness and Acupuncture
  • Movement for Deskbound Workers

Our experienced staff also offers customized workshops and retreats that range in length from 90 minutes to full-day retreats. Each is designed to meet your organization’s specific goals and needs.

Other Holistic Services for Employers

UH Connor Whole Health offers other programs for employers, including:

For more information or to schedule your on-site service, class or workshop, call 216-285-4070.