Partners in Lifelong Health Helps Patients Get From Hospital to Home

There are times when a physician may recommend rehabilitation after a hospital stay for patients who need a little more time to recover following an accident, illness or surgery.

At the Center for Lifelong Health at University Hospitals, our Partners in Lifelong Health program is here to assist patients and their families with choosing the health care facility that is right for them.

More than 40 highly skilled UH internal, geriatric and family medicine physicians and certified nurse practitioners are available in select skilled nursing, assisted living and rehabilitation centers throughout Northeast Ohio. This ensures that each patient receives the same high level of medical expertise and personalized care that they have come to expect from UH.

Through Partners in Lifelong Health, patients remain connected to their health care history and plan of care. Should they need services such as home care or community resources, we can help. We all share the same goal – helping patients return to their previous level of activity as quickly as possible.

Personalized Care

To make their experience as positive as possible, patients will have their own concierge to help guide them through the health care process. The concierge remains connected to the patient from hospital to home, and any level of care in between. The concierge can answer questions, assist patients in locating services or address any concerns the patient may have.

Our Services

The Partners in Lifelong Health program delivers coordinated care. This means that our physicians work directly with a patient’s health care provider to make sure they get the care that is right for them. Our physicians will also keep the patient’s doctor updated on his or her progress.

In addition to coordinated and personalized care, patients will have access to:

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For more information about our Partners in Lifelong Health program, please contact a concierge toll free at 1-844-312-LIFE (1-844-312-5433) or email us at