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Geriatric Services

University Hospitals Brings the Doctor to You

The University Hospitals Medical House Calls Program is intended to provide primary healthcare services to home-bound adults who cannot otherwise access regular medical care. Our goal is to provide comprehensive primary care with the intention of avoiding unnecessary emergency room visits and hospitalizations.

Insurance Coverage

Medicare and Medicaid cover the Medical House Calls Services along with numerous private insurances. Seniors who thrive in our program include the following:

  • Individuals who, or a variety of health problems, are bed bound or frail
  • Those with mobility problems (Cannot easily walk to the street curb to take transportation)
  • Seniors who have significant memory issues that result in problems when leaving their familiar home environment
  • Caregiver’s ability to get patient to and from doctor's office on a regular basis without causing unnecessary stresses on the caregiver or patient
  • Public transportation has been discontinued or public transportation is not easily or safely accessible to elderly patient

Contact Medical House Calls
3419 Park East Drive
Beachwood, Ohio, 44122
Fax: 216-464-6212

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