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Diabetes Services

Expert Management of Diabetes

While a cure for diabetes does not exist at this time, the disease can be controlled, allowing people who have diabetes to lead full, productive lives. Operating as part of a comprehensive, multidisciplinary center, our board-certified and fellowship-trained endocrinologists are committed to helping people successfully manage diabetes using the latest treatments, technology and information available.

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To schedule a consult with a diabetes specialist, please call 216-286-8988.

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What Is Diabetes?

When you have diabetes, your body in unable able to take sugar (glucose) into its cells to use for energy. This happens if:

  1. Your pancreas doesn’t make enough insulin – the hormone that helps glucose enter cells throughout the body.
  2. Your body doesn’t properly use the insulin it produces – a state called insulin resistance.

While there are different types of diabetes, each with a different cause or causes, they all share the commonality of buildup of excess glucose in the bloodstream. In many cases, people with diabetes can reduce their glucose levels by taking medication and monitoring their levels.

Spotlight on Diabetes and Metabolic Care Center

Led by an experienced team of clinicians and scientists, the University Hospitals Diabetes and Metabolic Care Center provides ongoing care, management, and education for diabetes, obesity and related conditions. Our talented team of compassionate specialists includes endocrinologists, diabetes care and education specialists, weight loss specialists, nurse practitioners and specialty pharmacists.

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Conditions and Treatments

Our team provides comprehensive diagnosis and treatment for all types of diabetes. Disease management include continuous glucose monitoring, insulin and medications, and nutrition and exercise recommendations.

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Multidisciplinary Care

Because diabetes and obesity can affect many other areas of your health, our team brings together experts in multiple specialties to help prevent and manage related conditions. These specialty areas include:

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Patient Resources

Resources include patient education, webinars, and our blog.