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Diabetes: Conditions & Treatments

University Hospitals Diabetes & Obesity Center provides compassionate, world-class care for the full range of diabetes and obesity-related diseases.

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Diabetes Treatment & Management: An Overview

Though treatment approaches to diabetes vary depending on the type of diabetes, overall health of the individual and other factors, the primary goal of treatment is to maintain optimal glycemic levels and quality of life. Medication management, glucose monitoring, carbohydrate counting, balanced nutrition, physical activity, stress reduction and weight management are examples of components of individualized treatment plans. Our center also emphasizes the benefits of diabetes self-management technologies such as continuous glucose monitors (CGM), insulin pumps and connected insulin pen devices for many people living with diabetes.

Other treatment options and services offered by the UH Diabetes & Obesity Center include:

  • Expert care to treat all types of diabetes and prevent diabetes and complications of obesity
  • Support self-sufficiency with multiple types of therapy/exercise/nutrition
  • Diabetes Care and Education Services
    • Individualized education regarding diabetes self-management and treatment (diabetes basics, insulin, injectable drugs, glucose meter, continuous glucose monitor, insulin pump, balanced eating education)
    • Diabetes self-management education following the ADCES7 curriculum to optimize personalized diabetes goals and outcomes
    • Optimization of self-management using diabetes technologies (insulin pumps, continuous glucose monitors and automated insulin delivery systems)
    • Optimization of self-management using diabetes medications, including insulin
    • Emotional support through motivational interviewing and diabetes problem solving
    • Promotion and support of self-advocacy for people living with diabetes
    • Group classes for peer interaction and support regarding the ADCES7 curriculum and diabetes technologies
    • Experiential diabetes and obesity wellness retreats outside of the medical office setting
  • Diagnostic continuous glucose monitoring evaluation
  • Type 1 Transition Clinic for young adults transitioning from pediatric to adult care
  • Virtual care services available for most of the above services listed

University Hospitals Diabetes & Obesity Center: Expert Management of Diabetes & Related Disorders

Led by an experienced team of clinicians and scientists, the University Hospitals Diabetes & Obesity Center provides ongoing care, management, and education for diabetes, obesity and related conditions. Our talented team of compassionate specialists includes endocrinologists, diabetes care and education specialists, weight loss specialists, nurse practitioners and specialty pharmacists.

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To schedule a consult with a diabetes specialist, please call 216-286-8988.