Cancer Resources & Support for Patients and Their Families

A cancer diagnosis is scary. We know that it can be overwhelming for patients and their loved ones as they learn about their cancer, their treatment options and their prognosis. At University Hospitals Seidman Cancer Center, we understand these feelings, and we want to make it easier for patients to access the information, services and support that they need at any given time during their cancer journey –from first diagnosis, through treatment, follow-up care, and ultimately, to survivorship.

Our resources include:

  • Support and well-being: Find out about cancer support services we offer.
  • Ask a nurse: Our nurse is here to answer questions about cancer and cancer treatment, support services, clinical trials and more.
  • Ask the librarian: Our Learning Resources Center and health librarian can get you access to information on cancer and help answer your questions.
  • Common cancer concerns: Our resources on common cancer concerns cover a variety of topics on physical, emotional, and social and spiritual care during cancer treatment.
  • Education and support groups: Our monthly calendar highlights the various support groups, educational classes and programs we offer.
  • Community outreach: We partner with various community groups and cancer organizations to help provide cancer education on a variety of topics to the community.
  • Support for you and your family: We encourage patients to be open with their care team about their concerns, questions, and how we can support them in their journey.
  • Patient stories: Every day, we are helping people triumph over cancer. Here are some of their inspiring stories.
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